About us

About us

Printmasters is a fast-growing 100% Dutch company, offering personalization services for promotional products, in a one-stop-shop platform situated in NW of Romania, village Cicarlau, St. DN1C, 83x. 

Our values RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, RESULTS, reflect our commitment to a positive impact on our activity. Reducing our environmental footprint and adding value to our social, and governance impact by recognizing the role of all stakeholders are key pillars of our business.

Printmasters has adopted several policies to meet the expectation of stakeholders to positive impact. (Check our list of policies - http://www.printmasters.ro/policies.html)

Transparency is key for us, and that is why we chose to comply with relevant certifications for our business. (Check our Compliance page - http://www.printmasters.ro/compliance.html)

All our personalization services are ISO 9001 / 14001 / 45001 certified since 2011

Our environmental impacts on water/soil/air / natural resources are monitored and according to our environmental policies we commit to:

            Water - Reduce technological water (2021 vs 2022 less with +40%)

            Air - Reduce VOC each year

            Soil - All our recyclable waste is collected properly and recycled or reused

All our chemicals are REACH compliant and none of them are on the SVHC list.

CO2 eq. emission – since 2020 we monitor our CO2 footprint scope 1,2,3 and we set targets to improve data collection and to reduce the CO2 footprint

Social - Printmasters is actively supporting several local initiatives in areas like sports, education, philanthropy, and services to communities. 

Our actions for the future are committed to lowering our footprint, consuming fewer resources or from green sources, reducing waste, create a positive social impact.

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