COMBI Transfer

Combi Transfer is a CMYK screen-printed transfer born of the union between laser printing and traditional screen-printing. Laser printing offers a photo-quality image and an unlimited number of colors. This multiple color transfer is made of a white opaque undercoat with powder glue, that make it very elastic and opaque. The glue makes the application easy and insures a high washing resistance.
Product category: bags, umbrellas, notebooks
Materials suitable - Cotton 100% • Cotton & polyester - mix • Polyester 100% • Recycled PET • Nylon Bags • Polyurethane (Bobby, P705.229, P762.475, P773.243) • Nonwoven • Coated / treated materials
Size: 350 x 280 mm
Colors: 4 colors CMYK - Because the image or the design it’s made from CMYK inks, the specific colors (Pantone and HKS) are not possible. These colors will be made by mixing the basic colors of the printer.
Printing limitations:
    • printing close to zippers, buttons or stitches is not possible
    • Materials that don’t resist a temperature higher than 130°C
    • The printing area needs to be flat
    • The printing position should not have inside extra pockets or zippers because the logo will not be pressed evenly. 
Logo details: 
    • When the logo is prepared for printing, an outline of 0.3 mm will be made, preferrably of the color of the item on which the logo will be transferred. This is the minimum space needed to allign the white screen transfer underbase with the CMYK printed logo.
    • Trade mark TM or Registration mark ® can’t be alligned under 1.2 mm height, so an outline or a shape is recommended around them
    • Texts in positive/negative must be greater than 1.5mm height;
    • The line thickness in positive/negative must be greater than 0.4 mm;
    • The gradient line thickness must the greater than 0.4 mm;
    • Logos with small text, must have a contour around it.
    • For orders with multiple coloured items, the outline will be in the same colour for all items (choosen by customer).
VARIABLE DATA (VDP) is possible with this technique
    • Pressure - 4-6 bar
    • Temperature - 130-150°C
    • Time - 10 - 15 sec - Second pressing with protective paper, pressing time 6 sec (improves adhesion)
    • Cold peel
    • Washing inside out, 30°C, domestic wash
* Please note that the instructions are used for a pneumatic heat press machines and we
recommend using transfer paper when pressing.




  • cmyk


  • polyester-non-pre-treated
  • textiles
  • paper
  • notebook-covers
  • plastic
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Print colours

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