Diamond engraving

This mechanical engraving technique uses a small diamond to imprint a text or a logo on the surface of the items. This technique is used especially to engrave glass items, but also metals or marble. Opposed to acrylic or other plastics, glass chips like marble and granite. This leads to creating small scratches on the glass that reflects light, or colored iridescent appear as if blasting.
Engraving on glass items can be done on: glasses, bottles, ashtrays, trophies, etc.
Engraving on metals/plastics can be used to create medals, signage plaques and other items.
Artwork recommendations
The characteristics of this technique are:
• Details as Trade mark TM or Registration mark ® won’t be visible under 4 mm height;
• Texts in positive must be greater than 2.5 mm height;
• Texts in negative must be greater than 3 mm height;
• The line thickness in positive must be greater than 0.2 mm;
• The line thickness in negative must be greater than 0.3 mm;
• The gradients are not possible.


  • glass