Doming is a printing technique where several materials, mostly stickers, are being applied with a transparent coating. A resin layer (epoxy resin) gives a 3-D lens effect, and depth and extra brightness to colors.
The coating can be applied in liquid form in many different ways. Once applied, the polyurethane liquid flows to the edge of the label and stops (due to the surface tension of the liquid), hardening into a clear dome.
The first layer is the label material. The second layer is the ink. The label can be multiple colors (CMYK), photo-quality graphics, or simple text. The ink is applied using screen or digital print technology. After the ink has cured (dried), the labels are laser-or die-cut and the waste material between labels removed from the press sheet. The liquid polyurethane material is then applied to the labels on the press sheet and left to cure.
Artwork recommendations
For this technique there’s no limitation, maybe the size and shape of the items.
The characteristics of this technique depend on the printer’s performances but it’s preferable to:
• Trade mark TM or Registration mark ® won’t be visible under 1 mm height;
• Texts in positive must be greater than 1.2 mm height;
• Texts in negative must be greater than 1.5 mm height;
• Texts with gradient must be greater than 2.4 mm height;
• The line thickness in positive must be greater than 0.08 mm;
• The line thickness in negative must be greater than 0.17 mm;
• The gradient line thickness must be greater than 0.5 pt (0.17 mm);
• The minimum of gradients must be C:8% / M:8% / Y:12% / K:8%.


  • cmyk


  • metals
  • notebook-covers
  • leather
  • leatherlike
  • wood
  • glass
  • paper
  • plastic
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