Laser engraving

This technique uses a laser beam to imprint a text, a logo or a design by engraving on the item’s surface. Generally used for metals, this technique can be also used for plastic and wood.
The engraving result is influenced by the engraved material. The metal can be engraved in several ways:
• One of them is the engraving directly on the item’s surface and depending on the metal type its aspect is modified.
• On the painted or anodized metals the paint layer will be removed and the color of the metal will be revealed (golden or silver).
Artwork recommendations
The maximum engraving size is given by the shape of the item. For flat surfaces the maximum engraving size is 80x100mm.
For this technique the restrictions are:
• Details as Trade mark TM or Registration mark ® won’t be visible under 0,8 mm height;
• Texts in positive must be greater than 1.0 mm height;
• Texts in negative must be greater than 1.5 mm height;
• The line thickness in positive must be greater than 0.02 mm;
• The line thickness in negative must be greater than 0.12 mm;
• The gradients are not possible.


  • metals
  • leather
  • leatherlike
  • wood
  • glass
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