Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

The integrated management system is designed to continuously improve customer satisfaction, control and minimize the impact of the organization's activity on environmental issues and on occupational health and safety in order to help prevent pollution and promote sustainable development.


We are committed to identify, fulfill and constantly exceed our customer's expectations by continuously improving the effectiveness of the integrated management system which we have implemented.


Our priority is to offer the best solutions to customer requests giving evidence of flexibility and customer care.


The principles we apply in our work are:

• Quality

• Attention to detail

• Punctuality

• Seriousness

• Involvement

Printmaster's objectives are:

• Increasing the competitiveness of the organization in terms of quality of services provided to customers and economic performance.

• Satisfying our customers' requirements.

• Minimizing the negative impact on the environment: water, air, soil.

• Prevention of environmental pollution.

• Waste management effectively and responsibly.

• Compliance with environmental laws and regulations and applicable occupational health and safety and other laws applicable to the organization's activity.

• Activity of the organization with minimal risk and ensuring a healthy and safe working environment for employees.

• Maintain and continuously improve occupational health and safety performance and minimizing the risk of occupational injuries.

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