Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Maximum gift experience
with minimum impact

To enhance the appreciation of our gifts and the resulting connection between giver and receiver, we focus on delivering the highest possible product quality, as defined by durability, functionality, and minimal use of natural resources. Where possible, products are made from (certified and traceable) recycled materials to lower the carbon footprint

Take responsibility towards
our communities

We consider ourselves to be an integral part of an ecosystem of stakeholders, which includes our employees, our suppliers and our customers. We recognise our responsibilities to all these stakeholders and make our decisions keeping in mind their wellbeing. It is our policy to employ people who share these same fundamental values, whilst advocating diversity.

Open and transparent

As a company our objective is to work with maximum transparency, both internally and externally. In all aspects of our business, we encourage open communication, a collaborative atmosphere and maximum simplicity.

Strive for positive change

Acknowledging that our industry has an inherent impact on the planet, we must endeavour to fundamentally change the way we do business. As a result, decision-making is done in the context of global environmental challenges and where possible our actions should serve to minimise the problem. Our actions and activities are under continuous evaluation and reassessment as we strive for improvement. As market pioneer, we are paving the way for the rest of the industry.

Give back to the planet

To help mitigate the negative environmental consequences of our business activities, we impose upon ourselves to contribute part of our earnings to non-profit organisations that are actively involved in combatting the environmental challenges our planet is facing.

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