Pad Printing

Pad print is used to imprint detailed designs or images on different items, irregular objects with cylindrical or flat surface. The method used for printing on pens, office objects, lighters, key-chains, scrapers, toys or other items made of plastic, metal, glass, leather, wood, paper or other materials is the same: the ink is transferred from the cliché to the item using a silicone pad.
The diversity of applications makes from this technique the most convenient, inexpensive and versatile.
Pad print is the fastest and the most accurate technology, allowing the imprint of logos with a high number of colors (polychromies) on most surfaces.
Because the polychromies involves obtaining the colors from the optical mix of the base colors CMYK (see the side example), it is suggested not to use them in small texts or thin lines. The risk is to obtain designs with a blurred outline. For these cases is suggested to use a full color from the Pantone or HKS color chart.
Some items need pre-treatment or post-treatment. For a good adhesion of the ink, metallic items need to be dried in ovens. Drying time can be up to 4 days.
Artwork recommendations
A better quality of the imprint requires:
• Details as Trade mark TM or Registration mark ® must be greater than 0.8 mm height;
• Texts in positive must be greater than 1 mm height;
• Texts in negative must be greater than 1.5 mm height;
• The line thickness in positive must be greater than 0.3 pt (0.1 mm);
• The line thickness in negative must be greater than 0.7 pt (0.25 mm);
• The gradient line thickness must be greater than 1.5 pt (0.5 mm).
Noticeable gradient starts from 30%.


  • pantone
  • cmyk
  • custom-colours
  • hks


  • polypropylene
  • tritan
  • abs-san-copolymers
  • metals
  • duroplasts
  • pet-a
  • polyester-non-pre-treated
  • polystyrene-matte
  • polystyren-injection-molded-parts-of-acryl-glass
  • polycarbonate
  • polystyrene-glossy
  • acrylic-glass
  • coated-surfaces-powder-coatings
  • rigid-pvc
  • polyamide
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Print colours

  • max-5