Round Screen Printing

This technique is similar to silkscreen printing, just the surface that will be printed is round (e.g. glasses, cups, bottles). The machine has a system of axes that will move the item under the mesh and will rotate it at the same time with a horizontal movement of the mesh so the logo can be printed all around the item.


Artwork recommendations


Round screen printing is 360 print technique with the max print size of 180 mm height, but there are also other specifications that should be kept in mind:

• The minimum letter size in negative is 2 mm high;

• The minimum letter size in positive is 1.5 mm high;

• The line thickness must be at least 0.15 mm thickness;

• The gradients are not possible;
• CMYK logos are not possible;
• Trade mark TM or Registration mark ® won’t be visible under 1.6 mm height;
• Screen printing round is only possible on straight items;
• It should start at least 10 mm distance from the top or bottom of the item;
• The distance between the beginning and the end of the logo should be at least 5 mm wide.
Depending on the logo, printing on cone-shaped items is also possible.


  • pantone


  • metals
  • glass
  • plastic
  • ceramics