Environmental work is permanently observed by Printmasters and involves the following developments:


• Organizational measures on environmental protection include: training, improvement of workers regarding selective waste collection, temporary storage of waste whilst respecting the codes printed and reducing the amount of waste generated by adjusting the appropriate machinery, training workers for reducing energy consumption through proper organization of the production activity, reduced load operation of equipment, risk assessment and program update measures to prevent accidental pollution; drawing up to date documents on waste management.


• Technical measures regarding the environmental protection.

Using materials and technology with low impact on the environment, by supplying with substances that have low volatile organic compounds, introducing new technology with significantly reduced environmental impact. 


Buying in 2015 a modern machine that eliminates the use of thinners when cleaning pad print paint buckets and has “0” discharge in the environment. Purchasing in 2016 an automatic machine for washing the screen printing screens that also eliminates the use of thinners and has “0” discharge in the environment.


•  Measures to update environmental permits and water management.

New technical documentation for updated environmental permits are being conducted, but we are also wish to make arrangements for obtaining the water management.

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